6 July 2017

HMS Shoreham sailed into Shoreham Port at approximately 9.30am yesterday in glorious sunshine, 14 months after her last visit. The team at Shoreham Port were on hand to wish her a warm welcome and to assist with her safe arrival into the harbour.

HMS Shoreham was launched by Lady Perowne on 9 April 2001 and was formally accepted into service on 28 November 2001. She is the fifth vessel to be named after the Sussex Port Town of Shoreham- by Sea.

The original HMS Shoreham (1694) was a 32-gun fifth rate launched in 1694. She was rebuilt as a 20-gun sixth rate in 1720 and sold in 1744. HMS Shoreham was to have been a Hunt Class Minesweeper but she was renamed whilst under construction and launched as HMS Salford in 1919.

From 1932 to 1939 HMS Shoreham served in the Gulf, but on the outbreak of war her area of operation extended to the Red Sea. She served as an anti-aircraft ship and an anti-submarine escort. She was initially armed with twin 4 inch guns; by the end of WW2 she could also boast several Battle Honours.

She was sold into mercantile service in 1946 and renamed Jorge Fel Joven. She was broken up in 1950. HMS Shoreham (M112), currently in port, is a Sandown class Minehunter.

HMS Shoreham has recently taken part in a major NATO Exercise as part of Mine Counter Measures Group 1, in the Baltic along with other ships from across the Northern Atlantic Alliance. Carrying out Mine Hunting operations, the group is committed to keeping the sea lanes open, strengthening relations with NATO nations and improving the ability of different navies to work with each other.

Lieutenant Commander, Ben Evans, Captain of HMS Shoreham commented “I took command of HMS Shoreham in late March and we are now reaching the end of our deployment. We will soon be heading back to our base in Western Scotland to begin further training before our next deployment.

It is an honour to bring HMS Shoreham back to her namesake town; it is rare that we are given the opportunity to do so. A number of our crew are from areas along the South Coast and are looking forward to visiting their family and friends whilst we are here.

Julian Seaman, Harbour Master/Director of Marine Operations at Shoreham Port added “It is always a pleasure to welcome HMS Shoreham back to her namesake port. We wish her Captain and crew a pleasant stay with us and run ashore”.

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