3 January 2014

Despite the turbulent weather over the festive period, Shoreham Port remained open and very busy, handling a full range of cargoes including timber, steel, and bulk commodities such as sand and aggregates.

The Port’s highly skilled Operations Division safely unloaded the ships using sophisticated cranes and then stowed the cargo using their fleet of modern forklifts. To keep track of the timber products at Shoreham Port, a specially designed system, ‘track a pack’ is used, enabling the team to process incoming cargo quickly and efficiently ensuring that vessels were able to continue their journey as soon as possible.

In addition, the Port exports cargoes such as woodchip, grain and glass, which continue to move well. Ensuring that regular ship movements took place throughout the holiday period was a priority for the Port.

Over the last quarter, the trade through the Port has steadily picked up; a good sign that the construction and building trades are again purchasing materials to meet an increasing demand.

The severe weather has tested the Ports beach defences and the two new groynes installed last year, are working well, despite the high southerly waves pounding the beach.

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive at Shoreham Port commented “After a strong finish to the year, signs of upturn at Shoreham Port are very encouraging and seem to reflect the growth of the local economy. We look forward to facing new challenges, opportunities and growth in 2014.”

Image courtesy of Dick Smith