12 April 2013

Throughout the year Shoreham Port handles a variety of different cargos that enter the Port, from timber to grain to steel and recycled glass to name a few. The Port's modern cranes and excellent infrastructure enable it to handle a diverse range of cargoes, and we are always pleased to see a new type of cargo arrive. Recently the Port welcomed the Motor Vessel Scot Ranger to Shoreham when she delivered 600 cast iron pipes. Many people have noticed the electric blue piping sitting on the quayside by the power station as they have driven past the Port along the A259. The pipes are 800mm in diameter x 7.5 metres long and are concrete lined.

After the pipes were discharged from the vessel they were stacked up along the quayside for a time, before being transported to the construction site by road, where they will be used to build the new water main from Reigate to Croydon over a distance of 26km. Another three shipments are required to deliver the total 2,400 pipes to Shoreham from the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.  

Alan Motterham, Commercial/Operations Director at Shoreham Port said “we are keen to diversify our cargo handling and were delighted to welcome a new customer with a different commodity to the Port. We quickly adapted our services to meet the customers requirement, and provided a smooth and efficient dispatch of the cargo to its final destination”.

Shoreham Port look forward to a busy rest of the year with an increasing number of commercial vessels entering the Port each week and a number of bookings planned for the Port’s dry dock. If you would like to find out more about the services and facilities offered at Shoreham Port please visit www.shoreham-port.co.uk or call 01273 598100.