15 August 2013

“Star Fish are becoming a more common sight at the Port” says 12 year old wildlife enthusiast, Elliott Hasler. Elliott is a keen visitor of Shoreham Port who regularly enjoys seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, in sometimes unusual and unsuspecting places. For example, many people are surprised to notice a large number of star fish living at the bottom of the locks amongst other sea creatures such as Brown Crabs, Spider Crabs, Fountain Urchins and Weaver Fish.

James Gray, Tug Master/Marine Works Supervisor commented “We see a wide variety of species down at the Port, limpets, sharks and muscles to name a few. I distinctly remember rescuing a dog fish from the bottom of the lock!”   

Elliott Hasler added “I have seen star fish during low tide on triangular rocks on the East side of the Eastern Arm. There are many more this season, which is great to see. Star Fish are quite funny to hold, they do not move and feel hard on top yet soft underneath. They also have tiny legs! I always enjoy my trips to the Port with my family. You never know what you might see. The Port is an exciting place to watch wildlife”.

Recently Keith Wadey, Assistant Engineer at Shoreham Port experienced a rare sighting at the Port when he and his dive team discovered a large number of ‘Caprellidae’ commonly known as ‘Skeleton Shrimp’ attached to the divers wet suits when they emerged from the water, over by the Brighton Terminal.

Keith Wadey commented “In the 34 years I have worked at the Port this is the first time I have seen Skeleton Shrimp. The shrimps were not here this time last year so we suspect eggs have been brought over by a foreign vessel. It was extremely exciting making this discovery and adding it to the diverse collection of wildlife at the Port”.     

We always welcome photos of wildlife and unusual sightings from around the Port. Please send any images to Katie Orchin via email korchin@shoreham-port.co.uk.