1 November 2013

Commuters along the A259 might have noticed the string of fishing trawlers occupying the Inner Layby and Fishersgate Terminal in the canal at Shoreham Port. With the recent unsettled weather and the storm on Monday many fishing vessels chose to moor at the Port to avoid the worst of the weather. Fortunately the storm passed without causing too much damage to the Port, despite Harbour Radio staff witnessing waves splash up over the breakwaters during the early hours of Monday morning!

Throughout the year many fishing vessels enter Shoreham to make use of the excellent facilities available. Whilst in Port fisherman have access to fresh water as well as the opportunity to dispatch some of their catch to local fish mongers and processing plants. The Port’s operations team can provide forklifts and craning equipment on request for fishing vessels, ensuring the quick delivery of goods from vessel to land.  

Riley Johnston, Senior Lockmaster at Shoreham Port commented “The trawlers currently moored on the Inner Layby are from Scotland and Ireland. They are making the most of the scallop season which is at its peak during late September through to the end of October. The marine department are on hand to offer a 24/7 service to visiting vessels, ensuring safe access into the Port and a high level of care when they are here”.

Shoreham Port is proud to offer a first class selection of marine services including; sea bed levelling, crew transfers for merchant and fishing vessels, hydrographic surveys and towage services, as well as diving services and support to Film and TV crews. For further information on marine services available at Shoreham Port please visit www.shoreham-port.co.uk or call the office on 01273 598100.