20 January 2012

Shoreham Port’s 42,000m2 of covered storage space is highly

valued by their import customers as it provides protection against the elements

for their valuable cargos while they are awaiting transport away from the

Port.  However, both covered and open

storage space is at a premium on the Port so, in matching demand for covered

storage, Shoreham Port needs to make use of all areas that are unsuitable for

open storage. 

On their Outer Lay-by Terminal, Shoreham Port has decided to enlarge

two storage sheds by building extensions to incorporate otherwise inaccessible

areas to the rear and sides of the sheds. The extensions will then provide over

1,300m2 of additional undercover storage, for their full range of


Alan Motterham, Commercial/Operations Director said “Shoreham Port is

dedicated to providing a high quality service to all our customers, and by

building behind the existing sheds, next door to the sea, means we can not only

provide additional undercover storage space, but also we do not lose any

outside areas as well”.

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