3 November 2014

Maintaining adequate water depths in all ports is an ongoing and expensive process, and at Shoreham Port, the Tug Adurni is used constantly to rake material away using a plough towed behind the tug. The Marine Team at Shoreham Port were recently tasked with finding ways to the make the plough, more efficient and productive. James Gray, Assistant Harbour Master/Marine Works and Darren Todman, Tug Master at the Port had several meetings with Harbour Master, Julian Seaman to discuss the main challenges with the plough at present.

It was agreed that the varying angle of the plough’s teeth to the seabed, at forever changing tidal heights was causing the plough to plane along the seabed rather than penetrate the shoaling areas that needed to be removed.

Julian Seaman commented “James and Darren came up with the ingenious idea and by tweaking the design of the plough have made it more efficient to the changing tidal height. I am delighted to report that their innovation appears to be a great success, not only in soft material but also on very hard and compacted sand (shown in each of the photos) which we have always struggled to move in the past.”

James Gray added “We will still require the Sospan Dau to aid the bed levelling process but our efforts between the campaigns will be more productive. The Port has been very supportive of us in our endeavours to improve the efficiency of the plough and it is great that improvements suggested by staff are fully explored and taken on board wherever possible.”

Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive at Shoreham Port commented “I’m extremely grateful to Julian, James and Darren for their research into this project. Their innovative solution to the problems associated with the plough has already produced positive results. It is fantastic that we have such highly skilled staff employed within the Port, who are able to lead projects such as this and contribute towards improving the efficient running of the Port.”