1 October 2015

You certainly have to have a head for heights to work in Shoreham Port’s Engineering Department!

This month the team carried out the complex operation of replacing 12 flood lamps in the lighting tower above the Prince George and Prince Philip locks. A 38 metre high mobile elevated work platform arrived early in the morning ready to lift Richard Smith, Deputy Engineering Manager (M&E) and Jed Turner, Electrical Installation Apprentice up to the top of the tower.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on their side but despite the very wet conditions Richard and Jed carried out the replacements, battling the elements at 100ft from ground level. All of the work was completed on schedule and the team were ready to take on their next job later that day.

Jed recalls his experience on the lighting tower “This was my first time working at height but I felt confident working alongside Richard. I found the work interesting and challenging and despite the torrential rain I had a good view of the Port.”

As part of Shoreham Port’s green initiative, energy saving LED lighting will be installed across the Port. LED lighting is already used in navigation lights, part of the street lighting and in some of the offices.

Over the coming months two new masts will be installed with LED lighting, with two more to follow in the New Year. The switch from traditional sodium lighting to LED lighting will result in a 40% energy saving for the Port.

Gary O’Neill, Engineering Manager (M&E), commented “Switching to LED lighting is a big investment for the Port but one I feel will be really worthwhile. It is great that we have this option to help make the Port more sustainable and energy efficient.”