8 September 2014

After Shoreham Port’s Annual Public and Stakeholder’s Meeting back in July guests were invited to attend a free port tour. The tour took place this week and was led by Shoreham Port’s Director of Engineering, Tony Parker.

Tony has conducted many port tours over the years and thanks to his extensive knowledge of the Port, visitors always receive a well-rounded and informative experience.

‘Tony’s Tours’ have become increasingly popular amongst local business groups and other community societies. Port tours are a great way for Shoreham Port to strengthen their relationship with the local community and to share news about the latest developments at the Port.

The guests from the Public Meeting started their tour by visiting Harbour Radio. Here the group found out what the team does on a day-to-day basis, from pilots boarding ships and bringing them safely into port, to the operation of the lock system for both commercial and leisure craft, and the use of sophisticated equipment to keep track of all the movements.

Cllr Rod Hotton from Adur and Worthing Council joined the tour and commented “The tour was both interesting and highly informative. Shoreham Port is a real asset to both the local area and the Country as a whole by helping both the local and National economies. More people need to see this for themselves.”

The group also visited key terminals, watching the Operations Division at work, unloading vessels and preparing cargo for its onward journey.

Tony Parker commented “It is great to be able to take members of our community ‘behind the scenes’ at the Port. I am always pleased by the level of enthusiasm for the Port from the local community and it is great to see them learning more about the history of the Port and how we operate today.”

If you are a member of a local group or society and would like to discuss the opportunity of a port tour please contact Katie Orchin on 01273 598100.