27 April 2018

This week Shoreham Port’s Chief Executive, Rodney Lunn stood down as Chair of the British Ports Association (BPA), at their Annual General Meeting on the 24th April after a two-year term. Rodney had been the Vice Chair of the BPA for two years prior to taking on the role of Chair in 2016.  

During his time as Chair, Rodney has been proactive in addressing key issues facing the ports industry. This has included developing good governance principles across the sector. The principles have now been released in the Port’s Good Governance Guide which can be accessed through the government website at www.gov.uk/government/publications/good-governance-guidance-for-ports.

Rodney has also championed for investment in the transport network, despite difficult times for public funding. He has reiterated the importance of investing in good connections to ports at a local and national level as the benefits are significant for both the industry and the economy.

Additionally, he has spent time promoting the ports industry whilst specifically focusing on the need for greater diversity on port boards, in management and across workforces. Being a strong advocate of the formation of the new Women in Maritime Taskforce which was formed earlier this year, Rodney has strived to facilitate the expansion of constructive discussion regarding gender equality for women in the industry.

As Chief Executive of Shoreham Port Rodney has always encouraged all members of the senior leadership team to be involved in BPA activities. For instance, with Shoreham Port’s Director of Corporate Services, Nicky Goldsbrough becoming Chair of the HR & Employment Network, Compliance Director, Paul Johnson and Commercial & Operation’s Director, Beth Evans-Gay are also members of the Ports Skills and Safety Group, whilst Julian Seaman the Harbour Master is President of the UK Harbour Masters Association.

Shoreham Port’s Finance Director & Deputy Chief Executive, Sara Bassett was previously Treasurer of the BPA and is still involved in advising on financial matters as part of the Finance Managers Working Group, with Tony Parker Director of Engineering participating in the Port Infrastructure group.

Although Rodney has stepped down as Chair, he will still be an influential presence within the Association sitting on the BPA council, advising on pressing matters such as the implications of Brexit. As members of the BPA, Shoreham Port will also remain actively involved in the BPA, continuing to support the aims and ambitions of the Association going forward.

Rodney Lunn commented “It has been a great privilege to be Chair of the BPA for the past two years and I am grateful for the opportunity and experience. I am pleased with the areas we have made progress in, in particular publishing the Port’s Good Governance Guide and the continued drive for diversity within the sector. I have every confidence in Alec Don who will be taking over as Chair and look forward to seeing the BPA tackle the ongoing challenges the industry faces.”   

Richard Ballantyne, Director at the BPA commented “Rodney has shown great enthusiasm in chairing the BPA and our members are extremely grateful for his leadership. It’s been thoroughly enjoyable working with Rodney and his steady hand has steered the Association through a number of national developments and issues facing the ports industry, including examining the potential implications of Brexit on the sector. We are hugely appreciative of Rodney’s contribution and extremely grateful to Shoreham Port for enabling him to undertake this role leading the industry on the national stage.”

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