28 January 2022

We are excited to announce that Barrett Steel Limited, Port tenant and the UK's largest steel stockholder & steel processor, is sponsoring a Seabin at Shoreham Port opposite the Barrett Steel Shoreham dock facility and processing centre. The generous sponsorship is part of Barrett Steel’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and comes shortly after they have joined The Climate Change Groups #SteelZero initiative.

The Barrett Steel Seabin forms one of the stops on the new family-friendly Shoreham Port Anchor Points trail, which showcases the sustainable initiatives and points of interest across the Port. Each Anchor Point features a wooden display board, a QR code to further information, and a message from the Port’s new mascot, Delmar the Dolphin.

Created by the Seabin Project, the device is an award-winning piece of technology that helps remove litter from the marine environment. It is designed to float in the waters of marinas and ports, attached to a pontoon.  Water is drawn in and filtered through a catch bag inside the Seabin, catching a wide range of items from large plastic bottles to microplastics as small as 2mm and capable of displacing 25,000 litres per hour. A single Seabin can collect over one tonne of litter each year – the equivalent of 50,000 plastic bottles or 40,000 drink cans.

The Barrett Steel Seabin is located by Lady Bee Marina at Shoreham Port and is accompanied by an Anchor Point information board explaining the technology and its environmental benefits. The device will be safely emptied and maintained by Shoreham Port’s Marine team, who operate an extensive daily cleaning patrol within our canal.

Barrett Steel Shoreham is Barrett Steel’s flagship dedicated dock facility with a capacity to processes over 75000 tonnes of steel per annum. The site is a key processing site within the UK’s construction sector supply chain and employs over 75 members of staff. The 12-acre facility is home to over 13k tonnes of steel stock alongside extensive steel processing equipment and a newly installed Rapid Angle Processing Line.

Cheyenne Plant, Sustainability Manager at Shoreham Port commented “We’re thrilled to have Barrett Steel support us on our new Seabin here at Shoreham Port. This partnership is a fantastic example of their pledge towards being a sustainable business and we are proud to be partnering with a Port tenant who share our values.”

Cheyenne continued “A well as protecting the marine life within our canal, removing plastic waste from the water before it can reach further out to sea will have a massive benefit on our sea life here in Sussex. We’re lucky to frequently spot Bottlenose, Common Atlantic, White-Beaked dolphin and even sometimes the elusive Harbour porpoise off our shores and the Barrett Steel Seabin will have a direct benefit to those species and more. Conserving aquatic biodiversity is a huge step towards our ambitious sustainability goals at Shoreham Port.”

John Childs, Group Operations Director at Barrett Steel commented “We are delighted to support Shoreham Port with the Seabin, this should go a long way to preserving our sea life in the area. Having recently committed to our Carbon Zero roadmap by 2035, this further demonstrates our commitment to partnering with our key suppliers towards being a sustainable business.”

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