Transforming Hall's Wharf

Over the past year, we have invested heavily in growth and development across the Port. Most notably, these advancements include the sustainable construction of 24 new business units, with the final units due for completion in July, the regeneration of Lady Bee Marina and improved coastal protection. The ripple effect of these redevelopments of key areas of the Port, which will provide benefits for the local community, natural environment and economy has stirred a wave of improvements from our Port tenants and occupiers, including exciting plans for growth by sustainable construction firm, CEMEX who are situated on Halls Wharf.

Industry pioneers

CEMEX, set up in 1906 is a pioneering global leader in the building materials industry, employing over 3,400 people in the UK. In recent years, CEMEX have contributed to the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and they are currently the largest supplier of concrete sleepers and crossing bearers to the rail industry.

The firm aims to lead in sustainable construction by developing building products and solutions that have significant positive environmental impact and contribute to the transformation of the construction sector. In the same way that health and safety is critical to all our activities at the Port, CEMEX also put the health and safety of their staff, contractors and community at the core of their values.  

Regenerating the site

work begins over christmas cemex

CEMEX plan to modernise their site at Halls Wharf and make it a hub for their south coast operation. The current office building will be replaced with a two-storey unit and they will adjust the site to make it compatible with their new state-of-the-art dredger, the Cemex Go Innovation. This 340ft vessel, which has been specifically designed to travel through our Prince George lock gate, is more efficient, can hold more cargo and unload more quickly.

Wayne Strevens, CEMEX Operations Manager for the South East commented “We are very pleased to have received permission to improve our Shoreham Harbour site. We will be making a £1.8million investment to create a bigger, safer and more modern wharf. Key to this development are the changes being made to our storage facility so it can accommodate our new, state of the art vessel which will be arriving in the UK in the first half of 2020.  We are also modernising the processing plant by replacing the primary and secondary screens.”

Wayne continued “Following the development, Shoreham is going to be a central hub for our south coast operation, so to accommodate this we are developing and modernising the office and weighbridge areas. Improvements to the traffic routes will also ensure vehicles can be more efficient in turnaround. CEMEX has chosen to make a considerable investment into this location because of its importance to our operations along the south coast.”

CEMEX Go Innovation

CEMEX innovation

The CEMEX Go Innovation, a £30 million marine aggregate dredger is the result of close cooperation between CEMEX and Damen and represents the first of a new generation of efficient and economical dredgers specialising in the extraction of sand and gravel from the seabed. It is designed to extract aggregates from the seabed up to depths of 55 metres, including in the challenging conditions experienced in the North Sea.

The CEMEX Go Innovation has been developed to offer major environmental savings, including:

cemex factsb

Laurence Dagley, Managing Director, CEMEX Materials UK Southern commented “This is a ground-breaking ship that leads the industry thanks to the major environmental savings that it offers, its increased capacity and dredging depth, and its safety-enhancing external pipework. We look forward to the CEMEX Go Innovation arriving in the UK and beginning its work early next year.”

Enhanced site safety

Changes to the layout of Halls Wharf in preparation for the arrival of CEMEX Go innovation are also expected to improve vehicle flow and make lorry movements safer, as well as benefit the local economy and overall appearance of the area.

Tim Hague, Director of Property and Development commented ‘’The redeveloped of Halls Wharf will look fantastic and increase throughput and trade significantly. We are delighted that Shoreham Port has been selected as south coast hub by an industry leader. These new commercial units will continue to improve health and safety on the Port while enhancing the appearance of the area for the local community.”

Building a better future 

CEMEX produce an annual global sustainability report detailing current initiatives and setting future challenges. We are looking forward to following in their footsteps in 2020, with a similar publication focusing on sustainability at the Port. As well as setting up the CEMEX Biodiversity Strategy in conjunction with the RSPB and releasing a range of conservation books, CEMEX turn disused quarries into nature reserves, including the Attenborough Reserve in Nottinghamshire. Learn more in this short video.

CEMEX are committed to building a better future for their stakeholders and the environment in the same way that as a Trust Port, we re-invest any financial surpluses for the benefits of our community and take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Our Masterplan sets out the Port’s strategy and proposals for our future development over the next 20 years, akin to CEMEX’s vision of building a better future for everyone, by balancing the built and natural environment. To find out more about CEMEX, watch this insightful video about how they are challenging the industry to build a better future for all or read more via their website