Shoreham is the largest timber handling port along the south coast and discharges around 384,000m³ of timber each year. The majority of imports are from the Scandinavian Baltic ports of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. There is 46 acres of storage over 4 terminals which includes 41,829m³ of undercover warehouse storage.

The Port is equipped with a modern fleet of cranes and forklifts with up to date innovations in order to facilitate some of the fastest discharge rates in the business. The discharge rate is dependent on the vessel stow but is usually 330-400m³ per hour per crane.

Over the years the Port has built good relationships with its customers and offers a unique stock control system called Track-A-Pack which uses bar code technology. This system enables 100% accuracy in stock movement details and provides an easy and accurate way for stock takes to be reconciled.