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Case Study: UK TechTrans

About the Company

Formed in 2002, UK TechTrans is a well-established technical translation agency providing legal, medical and general translation services into any language worldwide. They offer a cost-effective, thorough and prompt service and can translate virtually any document, manual, contract, software or website from and into any language. The company pride themselves on offering clients accurate, comprehensive, and naturally confidential translations.

In addition to technical translations, UK TechTrans also provide DTP and printing services to support all aspects of technical document production, managing each project from start to finish to ensure a seamless service of a consistently high standard. And that’s not all; they also provide a range of related services including interpreting, training and specialist translations.

The UK TechTrans team is made up of exceptional and experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds who believe that every project is unique and requires a personal, bespoke service.

 Joining Shoreham Port

UK TechTrans is located in Shoreham Port and is part of a vibrant international hub. They are always on the lookout to expand their client network by offering services to the many exporters present in the Port. Their office with 9 desks and a small meeting room perfectly complements their branches in Manchester and Jersey. "We have been impressed by how Shoreham Port has responded and acted to our requests for additional security, which is necessary to fulfil our ISO27001 certification obligations." said Adam Idrissi, UK TechTrans' Sales and Marketing Specialist. "We now have comprehensive CCTV footage around the clock and a new access controlled front door for increased security. For us, it was a simple decision to be located in the Port."

 Looking Forward

UK TechTrans aim to keep growing as a company and are delighted that they have been steadily increasing their annual turnover over the last few years with a 20% growth last year. "Our belief is that by being at the Port we can build on this momentum and expand our existing operations. We have invested significantly in new digital marketing campaigns, which we believe will help us to grow further. Life for UK Techtrans promises to be a “beach” at Shoreham Port."

For more information about UK TechTrans and to see how they can help you with your technical translations, please visit their new website www.uktechtrans.com, get in touch via email sales@uktechtrans.com, or call +44 (0) 1273 426921.


Case Study: Posture People

About the Company

A small and friendly team of ergonomics geeks, Posture People are an award-winning office furniture consultancy. Posture People have assisted some of the biggest and brightest companies from Brighton and beyond, helping workforces not only reduce absenteeism but become happier, healthier and more productive. They do this by offering workstation assessments, ergonomic products and supplying furniture for complete office refurbishment projects. 

“Many people initially come to us because one member of staff is having problems with an issue like backache when they are sitting at their desk, and then we end up working with them to re-design their offices to create a more productive environment for their staff” said David Blood, Founder of Posture People.  “The Company is now over 10 years old and we have seen literally thousands of desks and different workstations. There’s not much we haven’t seen, but it still amazes us how a few tweaks can make a huge difference to someone’s working life”

Joining Shoreham Port

WPosture snapith their team growing year on year, Posture People were looking for new premises to inspire their staff and live their motto “love your workspace.” When they found out that a warehouse on the beach had become available, their staff corralled them into a viewing. Managing Director Jo Blood could instantly see the potential; “We were sold within 10 minutes. Aware that it would require renovation from the ground up, we all pitched in, and came up with a vision of our dream office. Joining the port has been a fantastic move for our business. We now have the space we need to grow, build our dream office and most importantly, have our own Posture People bar in a corner of the warehouse”.

Looking Forward

“With the friendly community and excellent support of the port staff, we have settled in really well. We moved with the intention to practise what we preach and we think we have done just that. This space has allowed us all to have standing desks, a proper breakout room and the ability to take breaks on the beach.  Going forward, we are already looking into expanding our offices further with amazing meeting spaces. The possibilities are endless! “

For more information about posture people visit www.posturepeople.co.uk, give them a call on 0845 313 1503 or email enquiries@posturepeople.co.uk

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