Solar Energy Supply

We have already made major strides forward in large-scale solar energy production and solar panels installed on Port Authority owned buildings to date have a peak production rate of over 2.3 MWp from over 9,500 solar panels.

Our first solar panel array was completed in 2012 at Hove Enterprise Centre (HEC) on Basin Road North. This involved installing 87kWp of capacity on 366 panels to supply electricity to the HEC commercial premises and to supply the adjacent marina.  In 2013 & 2014 we saw larger schemes completed on the roofs of two warehouses adding another 411kWp of peak capacity from 1,698 solar panels. All three of these schemes were developed in partnership with Brighton Energy Co-op, a Community Benefit Society financed through investments from the local community.

In 2015, one of our tenants, Parker Steel, installed 1.8 MWp of peak capacity from 7,074 panels covering virtually the entire roof of the Fishersgate Steel Processing Plant.

Our Lady Bee Enterprise Centre commercial units currently under construction have 90kWp of solar panel peak capacity installed and electricity is due to be supplied to Port offices, the Dry Dock and lock control systems by March 2019. Our new-build Hove Enterprise Centre Extension units will be fitted with a further 30kWp of solar panels.

Solar panels on port-owned buildings now produce sufficient electricity to power a total of 500 average homes.

For further information about the Brighton Energy Co-operative please visit Brighton Energy.

Last updated March 2019