Solar Energy

Shoreham Port has the ambition of becoming a major centre for renewable energy and has embarked on an extensive programme of solar and wind energy projects. This fits well with its EcoPort status.

We have already made major strides forward in large scale solar energy. Over 9,000 solar panels have now been installed on Port Authority owned buildings.

The programme of projects will help reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time reduce our energy bills. The aim is to generate electricity on the Port that is used for operating the Port and by local businesses and residents. Generating and using energy locally is far better for the environment.

The first array was completed in 2012 at Hove Enterprise Centre in Basin Road North. This involved installing 366 panels (87kwp) to supply electricity to the offices and nearby marina. Since then we have seen larger schemes completed on the roofs of two warehouses (in 2013 & 2014), adding another 1,698 solar panels (411kwp). These initial schemes were developed in partnership with Brighton Energy Co-op with the finance coming from local people investing in and owning the panels.

More recently some of our tenants have started to look seriously at using renewable energy and Parker Steel were the first to have solar panels installed (2015). This scheme is a massive 7,074 panels (1.8 mega watts) covering virtually all the roof of the steel processing plant.

After a lull we are now once again looking at further schemes to maximise the potential of the roof space we have and further schemes are expected next year, including making full use of the new warehouses erected on the Outer Layby and at other port locations such as the dry dock and port offices. Our target is to have 15,000 solar panels on the Port so there is still some way to go, but we have made a great start and are now over half way.

For further information please contact Peter Davies, Development Director at or telephone 01273 598100.

For further information about the Brighton Energy Co-operative please visit Brighton Energy.

Solar Power at Shoreham Port

Last updated August 2016