Shoreham Heat Network Project

Aerial - heatingDistrict heating involves sending heat out from one or more main points to residential and commercial buildings. The heat is often in the form of hot water from energy generation or other processes. 

The benefits of district heating include lower energy and maintenance costs, reduced emissions, increased efficiency, security of power supplies and a reduction in fuel poverty.

It allows for flexible systems where heat sources can be connected and ‘rotated in’ as they become available without changing the rest of the infrastructure.

Around £320 million of government funding is expected to be invested in district heating in next five years, leveraging £2 billion of private and local capital investment.

To date a MOU has been agreed between Adur District Council, Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Partnership, West Sussex County Council and Shoreham Port. This ensures that all relevant parties are represented throughout the project phases which will commence with an agreed heat network development stage. This will consist of a feasibility study for potential District Heat Network anchored at Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Area.

The land is within Adur District. Potential heat sources: Gas combined heat and power (CHP) and/or marine source heat pump.

The heat network development stage does not involve Shoreham Port providing any provisions of funding. We will however provide technical and advisory support, our time, meeting venue, information about the study area and access to the Port as required.

It is important that we are represented at these meetings as we will be a key decision maker and more importantly as the project progresses could benefit from being supplied district heating. Equally as an ECOPort we can demonstrate that we are playing a significant role within our community on major green projects.

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Shoreham Heat Network Project