Shoreham Harbour Radio

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Shoreham Harbour Radio is situated on the Middle Island between the Prince Philip and PrinceGeorge Locks. Manned 24 hours a day and is at the hub of port operations.

Shoreham Harbour Radio is the first point of contact for all commercial vessels and many recreational craft using Shoreham Harbour.

Shoreham Harbour Radio operators will provide port related information to the bridge team on request, or when deemed necessary but will not participate in the onboard decision making process. As in any navigation situation, Shipmasters and mariners are expected to exercise good seamanship and comply with The Prevention of Collision at Sea Regulations (1972) as amended. The authority of the Master is never compromised.

Mariners are reminded that Radar, CCTV, VHF and telephone conversations are all recorded and can be used in any investigation into incidents in the harbour

Shoreham Harbour Radio are contactable via:

VHF Channel: 14, Call Sign "Shoreham Harbour Radio", Telephone: +44 (0)1273 592366, Fax: +44 (0)1273 595988 or Email: