Friars Bay Long Sea Outfall Pipe

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The pipe was towed from Norway in four sections to Shoreham Port. The pipeline was towed into the Canal over the land on the south side of the Prince Philip Lock. During the following 6 week period, eight hundred 1.8m diameter concrete collars were slid over the plastic pipe and all sections were joined together and towed to Peacehaven.


Shoreham Port Pipe Assemble by Diensen Pamben-6.jpgIt was a unique operation as both lock gates had to be open at the same time. This meant that a spring high tide was required so there was level water both inside and outside the port locks. The whole operation had a tidal window of just 60 minutes. With the expertise of the port marine and engineering staff, and Land & Marine’s team the manoeuvre ran efficiently and to plan in 57 minutes!

Please click here to see video footage of the pipeline leaving Shoreham Port.

Heavy Lift Projects

Heavy lift cargoes can be handled with contract lifts. Our designated heavy lift terminal is Brighton Terminal which is within the basin. 

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Hugo Boss racing yacht


The racing yacht Hugo Boss shipped back to the UK after retiring from the Vendee Globe race. She later stopped the traffic on the A27 as she was trucked to Gosport.