Shoreham Port is a Competent Harbour Authority within the meaning of the Pilotage Act 1987 and publishes Pilotage Directions and Guidance. The Shoreham Port Pilotage Directions and Guidance define the Shoreham Port Pilotage District and the requirements for compulsory pilotage within it. They also lay down regulations under which Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PEC’s) are issued and administered in the district. To this end Shoreham Port will:

  • Ensure that the operation of the pilotage service is compliant with national regulations, guidelines and competency standards. 
  • Keep under review its Pilotage Directions to ensure that they are fully in accord with the current safety management system. 
  • Maintain a competent and authorised pilotage force. 
  • Maintain a fully supported Pilotage Service. 
  • Keep the means of boarding and landing pilots under review to ensure that these operations are always undertaken as safely as possible. 
  • Administer the PEC system to ensure that all PEC applicants and holders fully meet the requirements laid down in Pilotage Directions and Guidance

Details of the pilotage regime in Shoreham Harbour and its approaches can be found in the current documents published by Shoreham Port Authority:-

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Shoreham PEC Rules 2010 Reviewed 2013

Shoreham Pilotage Directions 2010 Reviewed 2013

Shoreham Pilotage Rules 2010 Reviewed 2013