At Shoreham Port we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke first class service to our customers. If you have any enquiries regarding importing and exporting cargo through Shoreham Port please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

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Shoreham is the largest timber handling port along the south coast and discharges around 384,000m³ of timber each year. The majority of imports are from the Scandinavian Baltic ports of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. We have 46 acres of storage over four terminals which includes 47,938sqm of undercover warehouse storage.

The Port is equipped with a modern fleet of cranes and forklifts to facilitate some of the fastest discharge rates in the industry. The discharge rate is dependent on the vessel stow but is usually 330-400m³ per hour per crane.

Over the years the Port has built good relationships with its customers and offers a unique stock control system called Track-A-Pack which uses bar code technology. This system enables 100% accuracy in stock movement and provides an easy and accurate way for stock takes to be reconciled.



We discharge steel for Parker Steel direct into their bespoke terminal which covers a 12 acre site within the Port. The steel is discharged using an 880 Sennebogen Material Handler capable of lifting 30 tonnes. The steel is then placed into storage by the overhead gantry cranes.

We also discharge steel piles for ArcelorMittal direct into their bespoke terminal, which covers a 3.25 acre site within the Port. The steel is discharged using a mobile 880 Sennebogen Material Handler capable of lifting 30 tonnes. The steel is then placed into storage by ArcelorMittal staff.

The Operations Division is also available for handling steel products in other areas of the Port for import or export.



Large quantities of woodchip are exported to Northern Europe and Scandinavia from Shoreham Port. Stobart Biomass sources waste wood, which is shredded and processed into a finished usable product (woodchip) and exported via ship to power stations in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The woodchip is burnt there and produces electricity and hot water for use in heating systems. This material would otherwise be destined for UK landfill sites.

To enable a fast and efficient load rate, we have an ‘orange peel’ grab, which has a capacity of 10 cubic metres. This allows approximately 2,000 tonnes of woodchip to be loaded onto a ship and compacted in only 26 hours.



Grain is loaded via 2 B&W Lancaster ship loading conveyors with handling rates of up to 550 tonnes per hour. Shoreham Silo Services operate a silo facility for storage and drying with a loading system capable of an average of 250 tonnes per hour dependent on the type of grain and its position in the silos/bins.


Oil Terminal

Petroleum products are shipped to Shoreham through the Local Fuels Plc storage facility. This is a highly specialised operation and the Port has an unblemished safety record.

Project Cargoes

Transformer Barge (46)

Our experienced and skilled stevedoring workforce handles a wide variety of import/export cargoes and provides a rapid and responsive service to our customers, which is facilitated by a modern fleet of cranes, forklift trucks and mechanical front loading and trimming shovels. The Sennebogen cranes are capable of lifting up to 30 tonnes and additional capacity, capable of lifting cargo of up to 400 tonnes, can be made available at short notice for major projects.

In addition, our management and staff work closely with customers to ensure the required service levels are met and keep pace with the changing requirements of the market place. Please contact us if you have any queries about project cargoes and we will do our best to accomodate you.


863 Trawlers

Fishing is a major industry in Shoreham. We have worked with the local fishing fleet to develop services and facilities over the last few years and we are now the largest fishing port between Brixham in Devon and Lowestoft in Suffolk. In 2017 Shoreham Port moved back to being the number one port for scallop landings in England. A total of 5,617 tonnes of fish and shell fish were landed at the Port in 2017 with a value of £11,735,000.

The Port provides a number of services to fishing fleets, including a dry dock facility for repair and maintenance and dedicated areas for the offloading and refrigeration of catches.