Lighting Strategy

Lighting Strategy

As part of our aim to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and energy costs, we have embarked on a plan to:

    1. install and use low-cost renewable energy;
    2. secure lower prices for the energy we take from the grid, and;
    3. be more efficient in the use of energy.

One significant way in which we are reducing the use of energy for lighting is through the conversion of lamps throughout the estate to LED fittings.  Converting to LED lighting also improves the quality of the light and very significantly reduces costs.

The proposed lighting strategy is to install LED wherever and whenever it is cost-effective to do so, phasing installation over time so as to spread the cost. LED is still more expensive to install but can be up to 90% more efficient. LED fittings also last longer so the whole-life cost is substantially lower than for conventional lighting in almost all cases. It also creates a better white light, comes on instantly and can be dimmed to save energy. The pay-back period is typically 1 to 3 years currently and improving all the time as the price for LED units continues to fall. Thus, in the future LED lighting will be installed as the norm on all new terminal lighting towers, street lights and buildings and will replace existing units over time.

Completed projects so far are:

  1. All the navigation Lights have been replaced with LED;
  2. 90% of our more than 100 street lamps are now equipped with LED fittings;
  3. Three of our fifteen terminal lighting columns and been fitted with LED lamps;
  4. 15 external lights in the car park at our Hove Enterprise Centre have been replaced with LED fittings;
  5. External lighting at the Dry Dock replaced with LED;
  6. Internal lighting at Quayside House is now 100% LED;
  7. Our latest 6,100 square metre Shed No. 9 on the Outer Lay-by Terminal is fitted with PIR-controlled LED lights;
  8. All the lights have been replaced with LED at Nautilus House, Dry Dock & Pump House
  9. All the lights have been replaced with LED vehicle workshop at Shed 3

The priority projects for the next phase are:

a. Replace the two towers (LT11 & LT12) by the locks and fit LED light units;

Other projects have been identified but are lower priority at this stage, including the lighting tower at Lady Bee Marina & new street lighting on both Basin Road North and Waterside Road.

Various funding sources and methods are being explored to step up the rate of replacement, including grant funding from the Carbon Trust.

March 2019

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