Yachting and Leisure

As defined in "The Byelaws" "Small Vessel" means any vessel of less than twenty metres in length and less than two metres in draught. Shoreham Port provides several important facilities to the wider community and we support a variety of pursuits, including windsurfing, jet skiing, leisure boating, sailing and fishing. We also support a thriving marina which is situated just within the main shipping canal. The area is well served by local transport links and good pubs and restaurants only a short walk from the Marina. 

Harbour Dues

The public right of navigation is subject to the payment of harbour dues. Harbour users are reminded that vessels are not permitted to use Shoreham Harbour without exhibiting a current valid harbour dues plaque indicating that harbour dues have been paid. Harbour dues are deemed not to have been paid unless a plaque is displayed.

For Harbour Dues and other leisure vessel enquiries please click here -Leisure Vessel Enquiry Form.

Locking – Guidance for small craft

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  • The Prince George Lock is fitted with sector gates, which enables easier and faster passage for yachts, smaller commercial vessels and fishing boats.
  • The lock is available in the high and low water periods.
  • Departure times from the canal will be on the hour.
  • Entry times in to the canal will be at the half hour.
  • Small craft when waiting for the Prince George Lock are allowed to wait on the outer lead-in and inner lead-in to the Prince George Lock but at all times must remain manned and ready to move.
  • The entry allowance for all vessels transiting through the Prince George Lock is the tidal height minus 0.25 metres equaling the vessels draft.