Women in Maritime

We are proud to be part of the Women in Maritime Taskforce, a high-level Taskforce established to work collaboratively with other businesses in the industry to promote gender equality.

We have signed the Women in Maritime Pledge, which states:


We are the first port (and one of the first four organisations) to test out the Women in Maritime Charter. The Charter creates a framework to challenge companies to make progress on diversity and is supported by a suite of toolkits/resources to enable those targets to be reached.

We have introduced an action plan with ambitious targets for the future and work is underway to help us reach our goals. For a snapshot of how we measure up at the moment, view our Gender Pay Gap Report.

We have the full support of the Board and Senior Leadership Team in our drive for gender equality  - not only within Shoreham Port but within the wider industry.

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 Women in maritime task force