Hydrographic Surveys


The safety of navigation is dependent upon the provision of up to date hydrographic information to each sector of the port users. To this end Shoreham Port will:

  • Undertake hydrographic surveys within the port to establish the safe and efficient navigational channel.
  • Undertake a schedule of hydrographic surveys of the channels and berths of the harbour.
  • Provide up to date accurate hydrographic information, where appropriate for port users.
  • To keep hydrographic records.
  • Provide continuous, timely and accurate tidal data.
  • Set and maintain programmes, standards and specifications for the Ports hydrographic services.
  • Maintain a close liaison with, and provide relevant data, to the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

The following link is a selection of data for viewing - 06-01-21 Harbour Entrance

17-11-11 Antares and Capella 001.jpg

The data is not to be used for navigation. An approved and fully updated nautical chart of an appropriate scale must always be used for planning or undertaking any passage at sea. The latest hydrographic information of Shoreham Port can be viewed at Shoreham Harbour Radio and the Ports Office Nautilus House.