Shoreham Harbour Arms Community

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To avoid the problem of light pollution at night on the Shoreham arms and to preserve fishing for the local community, the Shoreham Harbour Arms Community Organisation (SHACO) has been formed with the approval of Shoreham Port.

SHACO is a not for profit organisation and has taken over the management of the West Arm. The membership scheme is now open and is available from Lagoon Bait & Tackle (tel: 01273 415879) in Hove and Prime Angling (tel: 01903 821594) in Worthing.

A £65 annual membership fee will entitle you to fish from dusk to dawn. In addition it will entitle members to fish between 8pm to 8am without paying a rod fee between May 1st and September 1st inclusive. Daytime fishing remains open to all, standard rod fees apply - £4 for two rods.

The Angling community has worked hard and come together to raise the £8,400 cost of the gates which has been covered by pledges, membership and day ticket sales. The balance will be covered by further  membership subscriptions and day ticket sales. Volunteers are now in place to help in all aspects that are required to maintain the scheme. 

Rules and regulations for fishing at night on the Shoreham West Arm

  • Blue lights, filter only
  • No fires or barbecues 
  • No white lights 
  • Please take your rubbish home
  • No climbing on the walls
  • No fishing on the lower deck, you must be inside the railings
  • Angling Trust size limits to be adhered to
  • Two rods maximum, six  hooks across the two rods
  • No casting across the channel on the inside of the arm
  • Appropriate shock leader to be used at all times
  • No pendulum or power casting
  • Members only
  • No guests allowed
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • No generators
  • No lights in the water
  • In the event of inclement weather the arm may be closed

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