Eco-friendly Transport


As an Eco-Port we are continually looks for ways to improve our efficiency and to reduce our carbon emissions. One excellent way to reduce the Port's impact on the environment is through the leasing and purchasing of eco-freindly equipment, including vehicles, boats, equipment and other products. One of the most successful initiatives has been the transition to a fleet of 30 eco-friendly forklift trucks. 

Our forklifts use the latest technology to meet the current European emission figures. They use Exhaust Gas Regeneration (EGR) valves and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum. The forklifts also use ultra-low sulphur diesel which is to the same specification of diesel that is used on the road, with a red dye added to identify it from normal diesel.

As with modern cars, these forklifts are now manufactured using lightweight materials where possible, state-of-the-art electronics and ergonomically designed driver controls for ease of use and driver comfort. They are also designed to keep noise, emissions and breakdowns to a minimum. 

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The Pilot Cutter

Shoreham Port’s brand new Pilot Cutter “Deneb” is one of the most environmentally friendly vessels there is. It has been designed to meet our specific requirements and to take advantage of new technologies to achieve the best possible green credentials.

The hull design offers an easier arrangement for driving through the water and in tests the hull has shown to be very fuel efficient in relation to the weight that the vessel carries. Also the Deneb has two engines to power the vessel up to 22 knots when needed. In the choice of engines, the Port chose the Cummins QSB6.7 which is Tier 3 compliant. The Cummins QSB6.7 has a whole new level of power, versatility and emissions control. It achieves Tier 3 compliance with in-cylinder technology that maintains a compact and simple installation providing premium performance to every application. The engine electronics restrict the emissions and is the modern approach to a cleaner diesel burn without losing unburnt fuel.

The other factor which makes the boat ‘green’ is its multi-purpose role. Unlike the previous pilot cutter it is designed to push ships and to assist in mooring them, which obviates the need to use larger tugs that are less environmentally friendly. It can also be used to transfer crew, equipment and spare parts to ships out at sea. All in all it is a great addition to the Port’s fleet of vessels and it fits very well with our Eco-Port status.

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