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Last updated 08/06/17

Adur Tidal Wall - Reach W2 - Construction Works - Emerald Quay Slipway

8th June 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that from Wednesday 7th June 2017 until September 2017, construction works will be taking place at the end of Emerald Quay slipway within the Western Arm. There will be obstructions protruding above seabed level during the construction in the vicinity of the bottom of the slipway. The obstructions will have marker buoys attached to them to inform mariners of their location.

Vessels should proceed at a slow speed and keep well clear when navigating in proximity to the construction works. Masters and others in charge of craft are warned to navigate with caution and to pay strict attention to any information issued to them by the works contractors and Shoreham Harbour Radio.

Julian Seaman
Harbour Master 

Closure of promenade

The promenade from gate 10 to the East breakwater will be shut for two weeks while the beach feed is taking place, but it will be open at weekends. The closure will be starting on the 20/03/17. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience during the beach feed works.

Q. How many solar panels are there installed on Port buildings?

November 2016

A. 9,000 solar panels have been installed on seven buildings so far on the Port with another 6,000 planned over the next three years.

Q. What is happening with the Edgeley Green Power Station?

October 2016

A. The Edgeley CHP Plant planned for Fishersgate Terminal next to the current power station will not now go ahead and the land will be used for storing bulk cargo. Find out more.

Shoreham Port Speed Limit Facts & Figures

Taken from the 2015 Annual Report