Seafarers Awareness Week

SAW 2017

Shoreham Port are delighted to be supporting Seafarers Awareness Week which will be running from the 24-30 June 2017, promoting 'Sea Ports for Prosperity' and 'Maritime Jobs at Sea and Ashore'.

The week is part of a national campaign by Seafarers UK, the charity which helps people in the maritime community by providing vital funding to support seafarers in need and their families. Seafarers UK also encourages people to consider working or serving at sea.

In order to engage with many students and young people in the local area and to promote opportunities within the industry, Shoreham Port hosted an Employment Forum on Wednesday 28th June, bringing together key contacts from local schools and colleges that work with the students providing careers advice, work experience placements and enterprise opportunities.

A vast range of interesting roles were showcased that are not only available locally within Shoreham Port, but also throughout the industry, both nationally and internationally. Shoreham Ports Director of Corporate Services, Nicky Goldsbrough presented to the group, emphasising the importance of soft skill development, transferable skills and work experience; and committed to offering work experience opportunities to each of the schools and colleges throughout the year.

If you are interested in work experience opportunities at Shoreham Port please email or call 01273 598100. 

Seafarers Awareness Week 2017

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