Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

RAMPION NEWSLETTER Issue 7 Spring 2017

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A new wind farm is planned by E.ON 13 km off the Sussex coast. It will generate 400 megawatts of power the equivalent of the electricity used by 290,000 homes.

Shoreham is already being used by survey ships and the Port will benefit from further opportunities during the construction phase and later when operating. All of the consultation documents and FAQ's can also be accessed here.

For further information on this and other renewable energy projects please contact Peter Davies, Development Director pdavies@shoreham-port.co.uk or call 01273 598100.

Information for sea users regarding diving ops taking place from the 30th May (weather dependent)

Notice to Mariners

Remaining in Force

Rampion Offshore wind farm make weekly updates to their Notice of Operations which can be viewed below:

Latest 15/08/17

82-Weekly Notice of Operations


Eon-NTM-070 - Rampion Wave Rider update

EON-NTM-0069 Installation of Fibre Optic cable update

NTM-0065 Main Array Hazard Area

 Eon-NTM-0064 Export Cable ROV Survey

Eon-NTM-0062 Stranded Excavator Nearshore Export Cable Route

NTM-0057 Phase 2 Array Cables installation and shallow buried, exposed cable Hazard areas

NTM-0056 Revised Export Cables Hazard Areas

RAM-ERA-SMG-SAF-0002 01--Guidance for Third Party Vessels on ROW CTV Ope...

Eon-NTM-0049 Safe distances of all structures within Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Eon-NTM-0032 -Revised Wave Rider Buoy Locations

EON-NTM-0017-Notice To Mariners -Rock Pad Insatallation Round 2

876 EON-NTM-0016-Notice To Mariners -Rock Pad Insatallation

Eon-NTM-0009 Updated Notice To Mariners - Approval of Safety Zones during Construction of Rampion Wind Farm

Eon-NTM-0001 00--Notice To Mariners - Deployment of Permanent Cardinal Buoys

Shoreham Port Speed Limit Facts & Figures

Taken from the 2015 Annual Report