Pilotage Guidance


With a few exceptions, pilotage is compulsory for all ships navigating within the Pilotage Limits, having a length overall of greater than 50 metres – except if under the control of a PEC holder or shifting between berths with a mooring line ashore at all times. It is also compulsory for all ships carrying marine pollutants in bulk and all ships carrying dangerous goods, also those towing or pushing where the overall length of tug and tow is greater than 50 metres. A ship greater than 20 metres length overall (and those less than 20 m loa.) may also be required to take a pilot if suffering from a defect which affects its normal ability to navigate and/or manoeuvre.

Pilotage Exemption Certificates

Pilotage Exemption Certificates are available to bone fide Masters and First Mates of ships of greater than 50 metres in length overall, subject to the PEC Rules issued on 1st January 2010. The grant of a PEC will be by examination. It will be for a specific ship or ships in one or more areas of the Port and its approaches. It will normally remain in force for one year. Requirements for the Examination and award of a Pilotage Exemption Certificate are laid out in the current PEC Rules and are generally similar to the standards set for Authorised Shoreham Pilots. They include a minimum of at least twelve acts of pilotage in the company of an Authorised Shoreham Pilot or an existing PEC Holder signed on to the vessel. Shoreham Pilotage Rules 2010 Reviewed 2013

How to get a PEC

Note: only a Bona Fide Master or First Mate of the vessel(s) applied for may hold a Shoreham Port Pilotage Exemption Certificate.

Step 1: Apply to Shoreham Port for a Pilotage Exemption Certificate Starter Pack. This contains the necessary forms and Shoreham Port publications to assist with your application/study.
Step 2: Complete familiarisation trips in areas required.
Step 3: Submit completed application form, copy of Certificate of Competency and Medical Certificate to the Harbour Master. 
Step 4: Visit Shoreham Port Control/Harbour Office for informal interview with Harbour Master/Pilot or if required sit an oral examination for the Shoreham Port Area required.
Step 5: Pilotage Exemption Certificate approval is awarded.

Pilotage Exemption Certificates are valid for one year from the date of issue. To avoid lapsing, application for renewal should be made in good time - no less than two weeks before the renewal date. Annual PEC Renewal Form.

Shoreham Pilotage Exemption Certificate Rules 2010 Reviewed 2013

Shoreham Port PEC Form

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