As you may be aware, Shoreham Port has recently closed the Prince George Lock for its annual service. This means that all vessels using the Port must pass through the Prince Phillip lock. The process of servicing the Prince George Lock involves blocking off either end and draining the water out to enable Shoreham Port’s team of expert engineers to work within the lock to carry out the maintenance.

During the process of emptying the lock of water, many fish can become stranded within the undrained centre channel of the lock, which is what occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Members of Shoreham Port’s engineering team Richard Smith and Owen Fieldus were faced with the tricky task of catching a number of sea creatures and returning them to the safety of the water.

By the end of the rescue process, Richard and Owen had rescued and released more than 60 schooling bass as well as numerous other species including eels and wrasse.

Rhys Hutchings, Senior Port Engineer at Shoreham Port commented “The number of fish that we managed to rescue was astounding. We were just happy we were able to ensure the safe transition of the fish and other species back into the safety of the harbour, without too much disruption. The work taking place on the Prince George lock has started well and we are confident its completion will be within the time scale stated.”

2016 Annual Report Timeline

Work begins on converting lights around the Port to LED energy efficient bulbs

Port staff are reminded of the importance of safety in the workplace with a thought provoking talk from Proud 2b Safe

Port assists Southwick Cricket Club and Shoreham Academy with the purchase of new cricket nets for the community

Chief Executive, Rodney Lunn is elected as Chairman of the British Ports Association

Community gathers to welcome HMS Shoreham back to the Port

Port thanks customers at annual raceday at Fontwell Park

Hundreds enjoy unique behind-the-scenes boat tour of the Port

The new wind turbines become fully operational

Port staff help complete Mile Oak Primary science bus project

Port celebrates prestigious environmental award for investigating and responding to an odour and oil seepage in the sea at Portslade Beach

The Engineering team successfully replace the sluice valve at the south east corner of the Prince Phillip Lock

Shoreham Port shows it support to Brighton & Hove City Mission Food Bank as their chosen Christmas Charity for 2016

Shoreham Port Speed Limit