Adur Dry Dock

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Britain’s largest independent ship repairer, Burgess Marine, has partnered with Shoreham Port to revitalise ship repair in the commercially thriving Sussex Port. For more information about Burgess Marine and their services please contact either Mr Brian Needle on +44 (0)7766 100247 or Ashley Hurrell on +44 (0)7779 337725. 

Shoreham Port offers one of the few remaining dry dock facilities on the South Coast of England. The Port has had a dry dock facility since the 1930’s and since that time has provided a valuable service to the marine industries on and around the South Coast. 

Over recent years, through significant investment by Shoreham Port, primarily in the infrastructure, huge progress has been made in the operational throughput, efficiency and service provided by the dock.  Burgess Marine is looking to reinvigorate the ship repair business in the Adur dry dock by attracting both its existing customer base and new clients into the facility.

The Adur dry dock has recently hosted square rigged sailing vessels, yachts, trawlers, tugs, workboats and small ferries, and Burgess Marine are open to enquiries from these and all other craft.

Key Facts

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Principle characteristics of the Adur dry dock:

  • Length - 50.5 metres (45 at blocks)
  • Breadth - 10 metres at water level (8.5 at blocks)
  • Draft - 5.2 metres over blocks
  • Amenities - Electric 110V, 240V, or 440V @ 16A or 32A
  • Fresh water, workshop and mess facilities
  • 0.5 tonne Lifting davit and access for mobile cranes up to 80 tonne

Please see our latest Dry Dock flyer below;
Dry Dock Flyer

If you are interested in using the dry dock facility or have any questions for the team at Shoreham, please don’t hesitate to contact Piran Armes or Keith Wadey or call +44 (0)1273 598100

For tariffs and further information please see our Tariffs page.

Shoreham Port Speed Limit Facts & Figures

Taken from the 2015 Annual Report